Ask me anything with Pentestify CEO: 0-1 journey of a smart contract auditor


Are you starting your journey as a smart contract auditor ? This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of Lucas Martin Calderon, co-founder of Pentestify. 

Tune in on October 13th at 2.30pm BST:

Don’t know what to expect ? Here is a sequence from his last interview with DeFi talents: 

Blockchain, Cybersecurity and AI have been the 3 pillars upon which all my creations have been built. From programming the Bitcoin environment and mining coins using my own automatic software to becoming an Ethereum contributor and DAO developer, I have come a long way since 2016 and now advise tier 1 banks, DeFi protocols and SANS students in blockchain and smart contract security”

“My professional journey began as a software engineer at Deutsche Bank, in the heart of London’s financial district. Though it was a role many would covet, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to accept a unique opportunity at STATION F, the world’s largest startup incubator in Paris, as my team and I got accepted. This choice marked the start of my journey into the transformative intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart contract security in ways that I could have not foreseen. This was equally around the time where I got awarded SuperNova Under 30, by Nova Talent, in the realm of cybersecurity and computer science in Spain.

“Born from this pursuit was Pentestify, my brainchild and current primary focus. As the founder and CEO, I’ve dedicated myself to creating a pioneering platform that automates the detection of smart contract security vulnerabilities using cutting-edge AI models. With esteemed partners such as the University College London and global tier-1 banks, Pentestify has rapidly evolved into an industry-leading SaaS solution in the blockchain security space.

My international upbringing and education, spanning France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, have indubitably shaped my unique perspective on technology. I’ve always championed a growth mindset, which has been instrumental in my public learning approach, fueling my constant desire to broaden my horizons and master new skills.

As my career progressed, I found myself at the intersection of various ventures, from co-founding Web3Sec, a globally recognized blockchain security news aggregator newsletter, to launching zkToro, a DeFi protocol designed to enhance social trading while preserving user privacy, which I believe will undoubtedly pioneer the field of privacy-enhancing quant trading in the upcoming years”

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