Scraping Bits Podcast: Pentestify's Penetration: Generating Smart Contract Exploits With AI DRL - Ft. Lucas Martin Calderon


Pentestify co-founder Lucas Martin Calderon was invited to DeGatchi‘s Scraping Bits Podcast 🎙️🎙️ to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur in field of cybersecurity and how Pentestify represents the culmination of all his work in cybersecurity, blockchain and AI over the last decade 🔥

Before diving into how Pentestify is revolutionising smart contract security auditing with AI, DeGatchi and Lucas Martin Calderon talk about the evolution of AI and blockchain, as well as how our right to privacy 🔓 has reached a crossroad where two possible outcomes can occur depending on how we decide to use blockchain technology in the next couple of years…

Tune in to hear more about how we see the blockchain security space evolving over the next two years, as well as Pentestify’s plans for the coming months 🤫

Thanks for having us DeGatchi ! We really enjoyed the chat 

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