–> Way more than your average vulnerability scanner

Discover Vulnerabilities and Protect your Assets

Introducing an innovative approach to security testing combining the speed of a vulnerability scanning, the power of AI to detect exploitable findings, and the depth & quality of a human pentester to test, validate and consult

Attack Surface Management Modules

Morpheus gives you a complete, real view of your attack surface combining continuous monitoring, automated vulnerability scanning, and proactive continuous penetration testing in one solution. With actionable results prioritised by context, Morpheus helps you focus on fixing what matters, bringing an easy effectiveness to managing your vulnerabilities while staying compliant. 

Morpheus Compliance

Continuously assess your IT and cloud infrastructure for compliance gaps (SOC2, ISO27001, NIST, ISO2700 …) and get tailored recommendations and support from our experts to ensure industry standard compliance

Morpheus Cloud

Continuously test your AWS, Azure and GCP environments. From asset discovery and risk analysis to runtime threat detection, you can reduce complexity, minimise your cloud exposure and enforce tailored security recommendations

Morpheus Webapp

From OWASP Top 10 risks to vulnerable web app components and APIs, Morpheus provides comprehensive and accurate vulnerability assessment. Gain unified visibility of IT and web application vulnerabilities for operational efficiency.

Morpheus Malware

Scan your IT environment for known malware including but not limited to Solarwinds, Log4j, Spectre & Metldown, Ripple 20, Wannacry… and get step by step support for remediation

Morpheus Advanced Host Scanning

Continuously assess your hosts and endpoints for known and unknown vulnerabilities and leverage our elite ethical hackers to protect your most valuable assets 

Morpheus OT Security

Gain complete visibility of your IT/OT environment, proactively identify vulnerabilities and gaps and implement remediation solutions before an attacker finds them

Morpheus Consulting

All modules come with tailored support and consulting for remediation. Need more support ? — Our team will set time aside to go through the reports and  provide support for implementing new security controls and policies to proactively protect your most valuable assets 

Trusted by Leading Organisations

Providing best-in-class security solutions and top-tier consulting to organisations lacking the resources, talent, or expertise to establish a standardised holistic security frameworks. Our clients come from all background from consulting to manufacturing, from finance to retail.


Stay one step ahead of any attacks by proactively identifying and fixing risk

Morpheus performs over 200,000 tests with 75k+ CVEs providing you with near real-time deep targeted insights into potential vulnerabilities and how to fix them so you can stay ahead of any attacks. Our reports are made easy so that you can focus on proactively fixing your security gaps, regardless of your cybersecurity skills and background. 

Comply with regulations

Implement a security framework to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.  Our tool and experts will ensure you are meeting compliance standards at every turn: ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR…

See what scanners can’t see

Automated scanning can reveal many vulnerabilities but our security experts will detect and triage the critical weaknesses that are most likely to be exploited and with the biggest business impact 

Remove guess work & save time

All vulnerabilities are exploited and then prioritised by our security experts to assure your IT teams remediate the most critical threats, faster and without false positives in a matter of hours instead of weeks

No cybersecurity expertise needed

We do all the heavy lifting from identifying weaknesses to providing actionable step by step security solutions to ensure your environment is secure and compliant allowing you to focus on what you do best

Tap into elite ethical hackers

More than a tool, Morpheus is an entire security team at your disposal, continuously looking for weaknesses in your environment exploiting them and helping you secure them before an attacker finds them

Stay ahead of threats

Proactively find weaknesses in your environment and stay ahead of known and unknown attacks. In 2021,  Pentestify was one of the first vendors to provide same day detection to Log4j by leveraging Morpheus 

An elite security team just for you

With Morpheus, you can tap into the skills and knowledge of our security researchers who have spent the last 8 years securing some of the most complex infrastructures in the world and that rank in the world’s top 5% ethical hackers with the industries’ highest certifications. 

Effortless, Continuous Security & Compliance

Monitor, assess, validate and secure your IT and cloud environments

With Morpheus, you have the power of an experienced pentesting team continuously monitoring your system for emerging security threats at all times. We’ll start with a baseline full pentest and add in continuous vulnerability scanning to focus on anything that changes. We’ll manually pentest those changes, including pivoting to internal systems and triage all critical risks to remove all false positives or information security overhead. 

Identify risks across your attack surface

Scan your publicly and privately accessible serverscloud systemswebsites, and endpoint devices, using Morpheus’s industry-leading scanning engine 24/7

Continuous Penetration Testing

When a threat is found, a pentest will be launched by our certified security team who will validate and priorities risk so you can focus on what actually matters 

Risk based remediation & consulting

Get actionable security insights on where you are actually at risk and how to fix it before if becomes a threat to your organisation

Continuous improvement of your security posture

Continuous testing means you can test and retest your IT environment after patches have been applied and stay ahead of evolving threats

Effortless compliance and industry standard testing

Benefit from the same level of security  and compliance as big banks and governments worldwide, without the complexity and required ressources

“Pentestify has some of the most talented information security engineers I have come across. Every month, they find vulnerabilities our tools miss and triage information for us so we can focus on fixing and nothing else”

Jens Kober, IT security manager at GlobalFoundries


The most cost effective way to stay compliant and secure all year round

Morpheus is built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of what makes an organisation secure. Every aspect of Morpheus is designed to make vulnerability management simple, easy and intuitive. The result: less time and effort to assess, prioritise and secure your environments while staying compliant with emerging regulations at all times. 

Pick 1 core module. Any extra module is 50% off (Except Morpheus consulting)

Morpheus WebApp



Morpheus Advanced Host



Morpheus Cloud



Morpheus Compliance



Morpheus IT/OT Security



Morpheus Malware



Morpheus Consulting



Frequently asked questions

A penetration test is the best way to know for sure if your organisation is an easy target for hackers. We will actively look for vulnerabilities in your system and exploit them so you can have a clear overview of where you are at risk and how to prevent it

A vulnerability scan is done using an automated tool to sweep your systems for known vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is a highly-skilled, manual process in which a tester finds and attempts to exploit a vulnerability. At Pentestify we take the best of both worlds.

Every time a critical vulnerability is found by our AI and team. 

Automated testing accounts for only 20% of a typical Morpheus penetration test. The other 80% consists of manually deployed real-life attack simulations that target identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations