Pentestify joins the ranks of Station F's top 40 startups [PRESS RELEASE]


Station F is the world’s largest incubator, home to some of the most up-and-coming startups in Europe across all industries. Joining Station F is as competitive as getting into MIT and the success stories of the many startups that have been through of the program over the last 5 years are a reflection of that credibility and demonstrate the potential that Europe has in the startup ecosystem.

If being part of Station F wasn’t enough, every year, a dedicated panel of serial entrepreneurs (ie: Founder of Blablacar, Founder of Doctolib…) picked out of the 5000 startups on campus, the 40 most promising projects to keep an eye on over the next few months/years.

The 40 startups are selected based on a wide variety of criteria that mostly revolve around how much the founders of the company have been able to achieve since their incubation, the impact that they are having in their respective sectors, and the potential for growth the companies have.  

Well today, we are very proud to announce the Pentestify has been nominated as one of the 40 startups for 2022. This nomination is a true testament to how much we have been able accomplish as a company and further testifies of the impact we are and will continue to have in the blockchain security space. We are very happy that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe believe in our vision and the impact that we will have, securing the next iteration of the internet. This is just the start of a great journey.


This selection brings together “the most promising startups” from among the thousand or so hosted on its campus. The choice was made on the basis of criteria such as growth, traction, initial commercial or technical successes, and plans for the coming months. This year, the start-ups come from 13 of the 30 support programmes present at Station F – including HEC, 42, Founders Program, Entrepreneur First, EDHEC and TF1. Read the official press release here

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